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How does your business help my needs?

We provide cutting-edge marketing ideas and custom-made solutions and products with the customer in mind.

What is a promotional product?

A promotional product is an item with a logo or imprint on it that is given to a client, employee, vendor, or customer, for promotional, marketing or incentive reasons.

Why would I invest in promotional products?

Promotional products get results. Products promote and keep a company's name and logo on the mind of the recipients. You can use products for award ceremonies, company picnics, fundraising events, new product introductions, tradeshows, anniversaries, and training seminars. The opportunities are endless!

Who are your clients?

Virtually everyone! We can promote the needs of small businesses to nationwide corporate mega companies in all sectors of the marketplace. No project is too big or too small for us to handle.

Do you have a catalog you can mail to us?

We supply over 40,000 different and unique items. We fulfill custom orders, too. Rather than bog you down with a cumbersome catalog and website, we meet with you to find out what your specific needs are. We'll listen for your ideas and show you some of our own. Together, we find the perfect complement to match your objectives.

What departments do you work with?

We work with all departments needing products to include: Human Resources, Sales, Event Planning, Project Management, and Product Development, etc.

Do I get to give you some of my ideas?

Of course you do! The final idea is the result of a collaborative effort. What we do is meet one-on-one with our customers and gather all the information we need: we find out what the target audience is, what the intended use is and what the budget allows.

Can I order pens, t-shirts and magnets?

Yes, and a thousand more items!

How do you get your clients?

We get most of our business from our existing clients referrals. We also use promotional products ourselves to promote our business.

Where do you get your products?

We get them from domestic manufacturers with whom we have a long-standing working relationship. We make sure you get the best quality we can give you.

Do you like what you do?

We have the passion and we love it! It's a fun business to be in. We interject the element of fun into our busy workday.



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